Superplus Games was founded in 2015 and is based in the heart of Helsinki, Finland.

Our hit game Hills of Steel has been downloaded over 7 million times and has received the Editors’ Choice badge from Google Play.

We are seeing lots of untapped potential in mobile multiplayer games as most of the developers are focusing on highly competitive markets such as RTS, RPG and FPS. Our games however, will bring playful competition to casual games. The driving ambition we have is to create games people will love and continue to play for a long time, and to support that mission, our team is strongly data-driven in everything we do or decide not to do.

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on May 14, 2018

WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT? While upgrading the whole website, we thought about wanting to share our experiences while having been in the finnish game industry for years, so what better way is there than to start blogging about it! The idea is to share some useful tips and tricks, observations we’ve made while working on several games, in big and small game development companies, our personal views about game design, F2P, game development in general and so on.

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on March 15, 2018

HILLS OF STEEL PASSES 5 MILLION DOWNLOADS! We just heard that Hills of Steel has been downloaded for over 5 million times! This is a huge milestone for us and we are deeply humbled by these news and want to thank everyone all around the world who has ever downloaded and played Hills of Steel!

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on January 27, 2018

HILLS OF STEEL RECEIVES GOOGLE PLAY EDITORS’ CHOICE! Hills of Steel has received the Editors’ Choice badge in Google Play! We are ecstatic, we are humble and we are thankful for all the millions of players!

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on June 9, 2016

RETRO SHOT WINS 3RD PLACE AT GAME MUSIC AWARDS 2016! BEST GAME MUSIC 2016: Nibblers / Salla Hakkola Quantum Break / Petri Alanko Retro Shot / Tommi Salomaa & Joonas Mäkilä Angry Birds 2 / Elvira Björkman, Henri Sorvali, Salla Hakkola Trine 3 / Ari Pulkkinen Alienation / Ari Pulkkinen The Detail / Tommi Hartikainen & Ville Ojala Xenocide / Santtu Laitinen Heavy rockets / Jukka Forsten Spiralways / Santtu Laitinen

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