The story of Superplus started back in 2015 when a group of ex-Rovio developers decided to strike out on their own. Fueled by a drive to create something of their own, the company was born in the heart of Helsinki, Finland.


Superplus consists of a group of passionate industry veterans. Striking a balance between that professionalism and passion is where we feel success is found. We make mobile games, and on that platform free to play reigns king, so that is our choice of model upon which we forge our creations.

“We still see a lot of untapped potential in mobile multiplayer games, as most of the developers are focusing on highly competitive markets such as RTS, RPG and FPS. Our games however, bring playful competition to casual games. The driving ambition we have, is to create games people will love and continue to play for years to come.” - Kalle Jyly - CEO


At Superplus we are all gamers by heart. Everyone here has their own cherished games they spent endless hours playing deep into the night. That same feeling ultimately drew us to the industry. The chance to create games of our own, and to have those games create enjoyment in others, is what drives us.

Ultimately it's the players that guide us to make better games.