We are always on the lookout for talented people to join our family. For us it's all about finding people that are the right fit.

  • We are still a smaller company, and even as we grow, we want to hold on to those values. Everyone knows each other's names and here people matter just as much as the work you create.

  • Most of us have worked at large companies with tons of people, where the work tends to come second behind internal politics, endless meetings and reporting; We want to avoid this as much as possible.

  • We want everyone here to be able to work on creating something that they can be proud of, something people will hopefully love to play.

  • At Superplus it’s all about shipping features and games, we want everyone here to feel their work matters and that you spend your time building things you can be proud of.

Open Positions

Didn't find what you are looking for, but feel we're the place for you?

We have found, that many times when the right person comes along, you suddenly have a need for that someone. So drop us a line, we would still love to hear from you.

CFO - Treasurer

Is money, finance and balancing numbers your jam? We are looking for the right person to join our management team and handle the finance side of the business.

  • Your responsibilities will be to handle our overall fiscal activities.
  • Handle inbound and outbound payments, payroll, and keep an eye on the numbers.
  • Be a part of planning our overall strategy
  • Ultimately be a voice of reason in stopping us from doing entirely silly things.

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Community Manager

Our games are growing, and titles are starting to ramp up. We are now looking for the right person to join us and be the voice towards our community.

  • Chance to come in and be a part of building how we manage and approach our community
  • Handle our social media for our titles, engage players and fans, and help them when needed.
  • Champion causes and be the voice of our community towards the company.

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QA Lead

Our games are played by millions of people, so the overall quality of what we put out is of the utmost importance to us. At best a bug in a game will end up as silly memes, at worst it can ruin the game for our players.

  • Champion this noble cause and ensure we continue to release a polished experience to our players
  • Lead the effort in building our tools and QA processes

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Analytics Programmer

Numbers number numbers. Games are all about bringing enjoyable experiences to players, but for developers numbers are what guide us in making the right decisions when creating games.

  • Help build up our own internal analytics stack.
  • Work with both our marketing and developer teams to build tools that guide us in making the right decisions.

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Senior Game Programmer

Good experienced programmers are always in demand. When a fresh developer charges in full speed, your experience has taught you to survey the field and plan the best course of action.

  • All our teams are growing so we are looking for veteran developers to bring their experience and know-how into our teams.
  • “With experience comes wisdom”. In other words, you have done this for a while and have had your share of titles you worked on.
  • You wield your knowledge and wisdom like a veteran soldier, tackling challenges and guiding your peers.

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Game Programmer

Game programmers are the lifeblood of development, people that take those ideas and transfer them through code into experiences. We are always on the lookout for more people to join our family.

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Senior Artist

Art is the medium upon which people experience the game. A good game will never shine as it deserves without the right art. Your vision shapes the reality of our players and sets the tone of things to come.

  • We are looking for the right artist that has the vision to turn ideas and concepts into reality.
  • Ability to create entire worlds and populate it with creations.

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Game Artist

Games would be just a bunch of lines, numbers and zeros without artwork. We need artists to help our team breathe life into our games.

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